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The importance of mixing with the cement mixer

In Italy, a good part of the production of concrete is produced through systems without a cement mixer (unlike what happens in the main European countries, but also on other important American, African and Emirati world markets).
Nowadays several studies and analyzes on this theme show that the quality, strength and resistance of concrete can only be guaranteed by the use of the concrete mixer, and not using inappropriately other methods used rather for transport and not for mixing the concrete.

The production of concrete through the use of a concrete mixer, allows to produce and obtain a final result of quality, this is because you have the ability to monitor the complete production process of the concrete, also making any changes to comply with the characteristics required by the company .
Unlike concrete produced with other methods, it cannot be controlled during the mixing operation.

Hence the importance of achieving quality materials, a feature increasingly requested by important designers and companies in charge of the work.

A well-known concrete producer has experimented with what has been said so far, trying to mix the concrete with a professional cement mixer or with a method called "dry", i.e. in the concrete mixer, outside the plant. This is to check the final result personally.

It emerged that a concrete mixed with a cement mixer has a much higher quality, thanks also to the possibility of being able to accurately control the production process.