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We choose cast iron

All Lino Sella cement mixers are made of selected materials of Italian origin.
The main materials with which they are made are iron and cast iron.
The use of cast iron to make the components of Lino Sella cement mixers is given by its properties that make it the perfect material for these processes.
Let's not forget that cast iron is the second hardest material in the World, after the diamond.

Let's discover together the cast iron with its strength.
To analyze this material, you must first know what it is made of:
Cast iron is a relatively high carbon-carbon alloy (> 2.8%) obtained by reducing or otherwise heat treatment of iron ores.
It was discovered in England, at the time of the Industrial Revolution and then, from the second half of the nineteenth century, became the answer to an ever more pressing need, a consequence of the fact that cities were expanding and renewing themselves. Cast iron contributed to transform the face of cities becoming the symbol par excellence of industrialization.
The production of cast iron generally takes place by reducing the iron oxides by combustion of coal in contact with them, in equipment called blast furnaces. The mineral is laid in alternating layers with coal with a low sulfur content (usually coke) and the iron contained in the mineral, when it reaches the molten state, flows downwards, collecting in appropriate containers.
It is therefore sufficient to make a component mold to produce thousands of identical castings.
In addition, cast iron is excellent in foundry because it has the following characteristics:
• Melting temperature 1300 ° C
• Excellent castability
• High Brinnell hardness 150-400 HB
• Resistance to wear and oxidation
• Tensile strength 100-800 N / mm2
• High compressive strength: 400-900 N / mm2
• Low resilience
• Cannot undergo plastic processing
• Elongation at zero breakage
• Can be processed at M.U.
The mechanical characteristics of this material can change depending on the carbon concentrations and the heat treatments received.
But from which components is it formed?

Not only from carbon and iron, but also from the following chemical components:

SILICIO: this element favors the formation of graphite carbon, improves the workability of machine tools and lowers the melting temperature, making the alloy more fluid.
MANGANESE: promotes the formation of carbon in the form of cementite; performs a desulfurizing action; causes an increase in the breaking load and hardness, finally enhances the hardening capacity.
PHOSPHORUS: affects the temperature of the end of solidification and increases the castability of the alloy; strongly reduces the mechanical properties of resistance and resilience.
SULFUR: this element hinders the formation of graphite; causes suction and blowing and finally negatively affects the mechanical and technological properties.
MOLYBDENUM: favors tempering; reduces the possibility of cracks and distortions.
NICKEL: decreases sensitivity to thickness and improves wear resistance.
CHROME: improves the mechanical resistance and decreases the critical cooling speed improving the hardenability.
Thanks to its components, cast iron has good properties:
• High workability on machine tools;
• Good resistance to wear and thermal stress;
• Good castability
• High thermal conduction: Gray cast iron, due to its resistance to wear and corrosion, is particularly suitable for the realization of a high performance heating system on fireplaces, stoves and thermo-fireplaces. The production of cast iron plates, spread the heat by irradiation, accumulating heat and gradually releasing it into the environment.
But where do we find the main cast iron applications?
We find the main applications of cast iron in:
• Industrial sector;
• Railway and tram sector;
• Smoke sector;
• Naval sector;
• Artistic mergers.
• Components subjected to mechanical stress, such as the pinions, the crowns  and other components of our concrete mixers.
The use of cast iron was a fundamental choice to realize the components of our machines, which are known throughout the world for their durability and efficiency.

Lino Sella: Quality goods for quality life!