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Which parameters should you consider to choose the concrete mixer that better fits you?

Let’s start by saying that concrete mixers are essential for the ones that work in the field of building.

Connecting to the significant words of the engineer Abu Sakh Mohammed, that confirms the importance of the blending of the mixture, we can say that a concrete mixer must have some designed features to get a perfect final result.

Some main features are:


  • The speed of the rotation of the drum and the arrangement of blades inside the drum.

The combination of these two elements makes the mixture drop down when it gets on the top part of the drum so that it will be mixed again.


  • The counter bottom inside the drum

A very important detail to prevent the material from settling on the bottom of the drum (this would mean a wrong mixing and material not mixed in the drum).


  • Blades must be bolted, not welded.

In this way, in case you need to replace them, they will be easy to replace; besides weldings make the drum weaker. For this same reason a drum with an only central welding is preferable.


  • A strong frame, with a cabin for the engine that allows a good ventilation.

In a concrete mixer, the  diesel or petrol engine should be fitted also on some shock absorbers to protect the structure of the frame and reduces vibrations during use


We, at Lino Sella have always considered the needs of the final users, creating a machine efficient and resistant at its maximum level.