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cement mixers packed in a box

These powder-coated concrete mixers are partially disassembled and packed in a carton box. 

The assembly of the machine is done exclusively with screws and bolts.

The concrete mixer is packed in a cardton box placed on a pallet, a solution that reduces the space needed for transportation, as well as optimizing storage, loading / unloading and handling of the product.



a new professional, cutting-edge cement mixer

designed to offer more and more advantages to our customers





Savings on the transport cost as it possible to load 40% more than the quantities of traditional cement mixers in the container


You earn a lot of space in the current warehouse



Simplified storage and easy loading and downloading operations as the is on a pallet


Up to 3 cement mixers can be stacked


Possibility of air shipping even one piece only


Quick and easy assembly with screws and nuts only. No need for welding or special processing


The packaging in the box allows you to receive a perfect machine without any scratches or dents