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Cement mixers packed in a box, innovation and savings

The most innovative product in Lino Sella's catalog, the cement mixer in a box. Professional, cutting-edge concrete mixers, designed to be partially disassembled and packed in convenient cardboard boxes. The assembly of the machine is quick and easy, performed exclusively with screws and bolts.
The positioning in cardboard boxes on the pallet allows to reduce the space required for transport, as well as optimizing the storage, loading / unloading and management of the product itself.

The advantages of choosing a cement mixer packed in a box:

  • savings in transport costs as a 40% higher quantity is loaded compared to the quantities of traditional concrete mixers in the container;
  • space saving in the warehouse;
  • speed and simplicity of storage;
  • possibility of stacking up to 3 cement mixers on top of each other;
  • possibility of shipping by air, even for a single piece;
  • quick and easy assembly with screws and nuts;
  • Transportation and storage without scratches and dents.

The concrete mixers are powder coated to withstand over time and the action of UV rays; they can be equipped with two solid rubber wheels or two or four pneumatic wheels 500 x 15.
This machine is equipped with a tipping reducer specially designed to carry out the unloading of the material in an easy and simple way. The cabin can be supplied with any type of diesel, electric and petrol engine from the main world brands.

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