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Since 1987 Lino Sella World has been producing a line of mortar processing machines that allow the operator to facilitate and improve the quality of the plaster application and wall finishing operations.

The electronic plastering machine for fine and rough plaster represents a valuable help for the operator, who with it obtains finishes of a much higher level than manual ones in terms of quality and time. The in-depth study of the market and the needs of plasterers has allowed us to understand and enhance the practical needs of the end user, applying them in the design and construction of the machine. The electronic plastering machine for fine and rough mortars is therefore designed to adapt to every need of use, and to every type of plaster and surface.

The plaster sprayer speeds up and evens the casting of the plaster with respect to the operation carried out manually, ensuring an excellent and uniform application of the mortar. The added values of our plaster sprayer are manageability, ease of use and speed of execution, features that allow the plaster sprayer offer maximum performance with minimum effort.

These two machines also represent an important advantage in terms of transport optimization: the customer who buys our concrete mixers will find in these products the ideal complement of the unused spaces on the container and the advantage of having a single supplier for different products, avoiding additional costs in terms of transport and documentation.

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