Hydraulic cement mixers with reversing drum

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Hydraulic cement mixers with reversing drum

Hopper, the hydraulic cement mixer with reversing drum, designed and produced by Lino Sella for productions with very high yields. A machine that works through hydraulic mechanisms and simplifies the user's work. Large in size, fast, it is a guarantee for the processing of coarse material.

The main characteristics of the hydraulic cement mixers with reversing drum are: considerable size, speed of production, thickness of their drum, perfect shape of the blades for processing coarse material or mixtures with larger diameter aggregates.
The optimal mixing of the material is ensured by the particular shape and disposition of the blades, the drum rotating in both directions allows mixing by turning in one direction and the discharge of the material in the other. Various optional accessories are available for this model to facilitate loading and for greater precision in production.

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