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Mortar machinery

Since 1987 Lino Sella World produces a line of machines for mortar that allow the operator to facilitate and improve the quality of the operations regarding plaster application and walls finishing.

The electronic plastering machine for fine and rough plaster is a valuable aid for the operator: by using this machine the operator gets better results than through the manual work, in terms of quality and time. In-depth studies of the market and of the needs of plasterers allowed us to understand and give value to the practical needs of the end user, by considering them in the design and construction of the machine. The electronic plastering machine for fine and rough plaster is therefore adapted to every need, and to all types of plaster and surface.

The plaster sprayer speeds up and evens the plaster much better than the operation carried out manually, ensuring optimal and uniform spraying of the mortar. The added value of our plaster sprayers regards the fact that they are handy, easy to use and speed up the execution, the features that allow the plaster sprayer to offer the maximum output with minimum effort.

Both machines have a major benefit also in terms of optimization of transport: the customer who buys our mixers will find these products the perfect complement to the space used on the container or truck and the advantage of having a single supplier for several products, avoiding additional costs in terms of transportation and documentation