Model S 500 Type S 09 A

Model S 500 Type S 09 A


Special structural features and specific accessories have been designed to employ the towable concrete mixers in every circumstance, keeping them stable


  • Mixing per hour 27
  • Work capacity (approx.) 435 lt
  • Drum capacity 500 lt
  • Height 163 cm
  • Width 115 cm
  • Lenght 215 cm
  • Weight 298 kg
  • Diesel engine 9 HP
  • Electric motor 2 HP*
    *available only three-phase
  • Petrol engine 6,5 HP

Details pictures

Model S 500 Type S 09 A Model S 500 Type S 09 A
Model S 500 Type S 09 A Less effort needed to discharge the drum of the concrete mixer, through the big and strong little gear
Model S 500 Type S 09 A The blades construction ensures easy replacement, as they are bolded not welded. The gear and the pinion are made of cast iron.
Model S 500 Type S 09 A The mixer can be supplied with big cabin suitable to any type of diesel, electric and petrol engine of the major international brands
Model S 500 Type S 09 A Four pneumatic wheels with thickness 550 x 15 and special solid hubs with bearings and greasers and a reinforced towing bar
Model S 500 Type S 09 A Steering unit and reinforced towing bar
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