Model S1000


Portable mixer with foldable legs, light and handy. It can be packed in a wooden crate or a carton box according to the customers’ needs and it can also be carried inside the car


  • Drum capacity Lt. 140
  • Work capacity (approx.) Lt. 110*
    *variable data according to the type of material used
  • In cement bags 1 x 25 kg bag
  • One phase engine HP 0,5 - kW 0,37
  • Weight with electric motor 60 kg
  • Dimensions assembled mixer cm 120x68x130 (h)
  • Dimensions wooden cage cm 115x65x85 (h)
  • Dimension carton box cm 70x78x72 (h)

Details pictures

Model S1000
Model S1000 Possibility of dispatching packed in wooden cage (cm 115 x 65 x 85 h)
Model S1000 Possibility of dispatching packed in a carton box (cm 70 x 78 x 72 h)
Model S1000 Versatile, lightweight, easy to assemble and disassemble
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