Model PS-13


The plaster sprayer makes the mortar adhere perfectly to the wall, reducing the risk of imperfections and cracks and making the pouring of the plaster easier and faster.


At least 3 HP single phase  
Tank From min. 50/100 lt
Intake air per minute 350/400 lt
Recommended pressure for this use Between 3 and 6 bar


Internal diameter   At least 1 cm / 1.2 cm

(*) compressor and connected air hose are available on request


  • Lenght 65 cm
  • Weight 2,45 kg
  • Maximum working pressure Bar 6.00
  • Complete emptying time at a pressure of 6 bar sec. 4.50

Details pictures

Model PS-13 Model PS-13
Model PS-13 The concrete spraying machine is made of stainless steel and brass, which ensure hardness and resistance to wear: the grip and the angle facilitate the work and prevent fatigue
Model PS-13 The mortar spray machine is very simple to use, it only requires an air compressor and an air hose (available on request)


  • Our plaster sprayer model PS-13 is known for its quality and used worldwide: in this video the worker is spraying the mortar on the wall of an house very quickly and easily.
  • This is a short tutorial about the use of our plaster sprayer model PS-13. With this simple machine you can obtain perfect results in few time, also if you are not expert. This machine is very easy to use and it has been studied to be easily handled.
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